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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

my sense of humor died

i don't feel like i can laugh, or that i even have the ability to anymore.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


well, a couple weeks ago, my aunt called me, and asked me to go to the mum farm with her, so i said, "what the heck". went to the mum farm, and then to my old workplace.... the buckhorn.

things have changed in there, only for the better.

well, almost.

they make their own taffy now, and it's really good. but they have a mean, distracted fat girl working the counter. i thought fat people were generally jolly. hmm. kinda blows the curve.

there's a guy (mechanic) that i went out with a couple times, but he told everyone i don't "put out" so we never went out again. now he's banging some other waitress. yech.

other than that, it's the same crappy food, but i'm not much of a picky eater. the front of the store got a facelift too. you can still buy pot at the pizza hut window, (i'm just guessing).

ah....memories........in the corners of my mind..............misty water colored memories...................

Thursday, September 07, 2006

the ol' truckstop

since this is entitled, "truckstop tales", i should really update on the old place. i keep in touch with a woman i used to work with, and she's filled me in on the dirt.

-my old boss who chucks out big bucks to send his spawn to a catholic school got caught banging a waitress.
-a mini-boss, "assistant" got caught banging a co-worker as well. saw him at the drugstore the other day, and he's heading south. glad i didn't go to that wedding, or i'd be asking for the gift back.
-another "boss" got caught stealing large amounts of cash from the safe.
-this guy we used to work with can now be seen on the pa sexual predator list

so, needless to say, it was just a bunch of claaassy people i used to work with.


ah man. the croc hunter. i would've never guessed that in a million.

Monday, April 10, 2006

2005 sucked and so does 2006

i haven't been on here much at all. in months.
i think it was the spamming i was getting in the messages that turned me off. then, december got busy.

let me tell you why 2005 sucks:

my son was diagnosed with all leukemia in december. what a year.

so this means 3 1/2 years of chemotherapy for him, and he just turned 2.

it seems so unreal to me.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

sweet winter memories

well, i expect it to snow anytime now, although i'm really hoping for a mild winter, the gas bills are killing us.

with winter comes very very fond memories of my polish father on the roof. we lived in the sticks, (and still do) which meant one very important thing---limited television reception.

we didn't have a satellite dish (i don't think that they were invented yet) and didn't have one of those fancy new fangled antennas that you could control from inside the house. instead, my father would climb onto the roof when the wind blew the antenna the wrong way. which was, pretty dangerous, but my mother didn't really care since they had good life insurance.

i remember one time in particular. my father had climbed the roof, and we had a human chain, so to speak, to tell him when the picture was clear. so it would go on down the line, "clear, clear....clear." but by the time it got to him, he'd already spun the antenna the wrong way.

i remember him on the roof for what seemed like forever. once the picture came in pretty good, and he got the relay message, (like a pollock olympic event, passing that freaking torch) we would shut the door, and wait for him to come in. well, this time, we didn't hear dad knocking at the door right away, rather, a desperate scraping on the roof, dragging across the whole vertical drop. plompfh. a huge cloud of snow seemed to travel upward.

my first instinct was to run, since i didn't want to see my dad bleeding out of his ears, with his head bent at a 90 degree angle. so, like the faithful family that we are, we'd debate as to who would go and check his vital signs.

the snow started moving, but it was blowing so hard, you couldn't see any blood. my mother ran to the picture window, and as soon as he started walking, she sat back down drinking her coffee and watching t.v. "oh, he's a tough guy. it wasn't that far down."

what? wasn't that far down? that's two floors, and you could just tell that he wasn't going to accept falling off of the roof, by the time it took him to resist. you could hear the scraping against the roof as he slid down. i don't think i'd go willing either. poor guy.

well, the t.v. antenna is pretty much just a lightning rod now, and he's got a satellite dish outside. but....you still have to go and sweep the snow off of it sometimes. at least he doesn't have to climb on top of the roof anymore.